Don't expect much from us, but I got tired of waiting for the Suite Precure 39 raw, and I fired up Perfect Dark to download it. No one else has put it up, so I released it. 1280x720 x264 AAC .mp4, 619M. Hmm is this our first raw release? I didn't want to bother reinstalling the tracker software, so I released it on NyaaTorrents here. There is no time thingy in the corner.

Bah, Nyaatorrents is down. Here's another link to the torrent file, should be able to get seeds/peers via dht: Suite Precure 39 raw

Update: Zero-Raws has the same exact raw up. Rename your file and continue there if you prefer, as their tracker is working. They probably got the same file off Pdark that we did.

I guess if anyone wants to translate from Taiwanese Mandarin for us, I will finish Marmalade Boy drama. Anyone?



Just released: Marmalade Boy drama ep 22! Bet you thought we'd given up, eh? Wanted: Taiwanese/Mandarin translaters. Visit our IRC channel for info.



Whoever "re-dp" is, thank you for re-encoding Digital Panic's releases of "Emily of New Moon"! With XviD instead of H.264, my computer has enough power to actually watch them. But why no multi-torrent? Keeping each individual torrent seeded is a pain. Thankfully, one of those is pretty easy to set up.


Once again, I got impatient waiting for a multi-torrent from Ureshii. Enjoy Dennou Coil 1-26 in glorious .avi format, which works much better on my computer than .mkv. If you have it already, please help us get the seeding started!



Happy 07/07/2007. Apparently our co-lo provider doesn't like port 6969 any more, so BT was broken for a while. I recreated the torrents with port 7000 and got rid of some stale links. I also resubmitted our torrents to Tokyo Toshokan, so they should be active for a while. I would like to finish Marmalade Boy Drama some time this decade. Anyone know Taiwanese? Or at least Mandarin? :) If you run into Aoshi, congratulate her on getting married.



Happy time change day for some of you! I finally setup a script to automagically start our tracker each time our power resets at the colocation site (which is all too often). Thanks for your patience.


Nice, 178 completed downloads of Ureshii's Strawberry Panic 1-26. Now that they have their own torrent up at, I'm taking mine down. Go there to finish your torrent if it's incomplete here. Thanks.


Thanks to all W-Juliet fans for supporting us! We only put out Volume 7, but I managed to seed it to a ratio of 693.15. Now that it's licensed in the U.S., and Emura has released through volume 13, I think it's high time to officially drop it and remove the torrent.



I'm a fan of Ureshii's subs of Strawberry Panic. They have a 1-13 torrent.

They finished episode 26 last week, but still no 1-26 torrent, so I made one. This torrent will remain active here until Ureshii puts up their own or they ask me to take it down. No W-Dreamers news today.



Sorry about that. BT link is back.



Yeah, I don't post in the chatterbox any more, at least not as myself.

Now seeding more for the Anime HCF downloaders cause I saw you downloading. Gracias.

Some Marmalade Boy drama fan, please come into our IRC channel and kick me. I need the motivation.



Before we did English fansubs, we did Spanish fansubs. For those of you who are looking for Anime-HCF releases, we just put out a torrent called "anime-hcf-todos." The only one we actually completed was .hack//dusk, but also included in the torrent are Aishiteruze Baby 1-4, Last Exile 1-2, Macross Zero 1, and Shingetsutan Tsukihime 1-2. With Spanish subs. Not English. Gracias.


Update: Aoshi moved to Japan. We haven't heard from Kyou in ages. I would like to at least finish Marmalade Boy drama. Want to help? Know Taiwanese? Come to our channel! I'm currently re-seeding Marmalade Boy drama, yay.



Sorry for the lack of updates. I just wanted to point out that official announcements are only made in this section, not in the Chatterbox. Trinity Blood is still dropped, Marmalade Boy is still in progress, and so on. Thanks for your support.


Sorry, Trinity Blood licensed by Funimation today, so we're droppping it. Look for our future releases soon. Thanks for watching!



Server is moving soon. I put in for a DNS change to, so you may have trouble if your DNS server is earlier or later than the rest of the crows. Please be patient. I'm hoping for 3 or 4 years of uptime.



Trinity Blood 6 released. We had some delays come up, but I don't want to whine about it just yet. Instead, I'll get a good raw for episode 8 and poke our translators about 7.



Just what you've all been waiting for... it's here!

Marmalade Boy drama episode 21. Who is that guy giving Arimi a ride to school? Why is Na-chan so busy all the time? The suspense is killing me.



Nothing like a little power outtage and a server sticking at 42.6% fscking the primary hard drive. Fourth boot was a charm. Thankfully, the new server is already built, just need to move it into a real co-location site with full UPS.



Prince of Tennis 159 on BT and a nice bot in our channel.

Enjoy, share, and seed!



Marmalade Boy Taiwanese Live Action Drama episode 20 released, for all you drama fans. This is a sweet episode, and I for one am looking forward to episode 21.

For all you Trinity Blood fans, it says here that episode 6 was pre-empted and will actually air on the 6th of June, so wait more than a week for our next TB release.

For all you fans of W-Juliet and Prince of Tennis, I have nothing to do with those releases, but someone is probably working on them somewhere, maybe even right as you're reading this.

Xie xie, wo ai ni, wa an. --ashi


Trinity Blood 5 is out... go to the BT section to get it... Enjoy!!!!

Aoshiblue @}----;----


Oh my gosh!!! It took us a lot to release this episode, we are truly sorry for that... First that all I want to apologize due the fact that the file wasn't supposed to be posted everywhere since it wasn't officially released, in any case, you will have to wait 'cause there are just 2 slow seeds that are mine hehehe. Enjoy Trinity Blood 4... pls let me know what you think about the new opening karaoke....

Aoshiblue @}----;----


You should stop whinning on the Chatterbox... really, it is just that even though we do this work just to get you closer to the anime you like, you actually say really awful things... come on guys!!!! And for you to stop saying "Release PoT, blah blah blah" we worked hard for bringing you PRINCE OF TENNIS 158.

But it is not just a HK rip, we translated... we timed it.... we subbed it!!!!!!!! We will do the same for the remaining episodes of Prince of Tennis, and since I just got the raws from 160 onwards, the quality of encoding will improve until then. Enjoy!!

Aoshiblue @}----;----


Whew, Trinity Blood episode 3 is out on bittorrent. We hope you enjoy it. We haven't forgotten our other projects. Please be patient.



Today Trinity Blood episode 2 is being released. Thank you to Ashi, Nyonin and Yuggy for their hard and nice work. I´m so glad I have an amazing team. Thanks as well to VicariousLurker, Tonatale, a special thanks to DarkT... and if I'm forgetting someone: thank you thank you....

@}--,---´---- Aoshiblue


The new Version 2 of Trinity Blood episode 1 features some changes in character names, timing, a little translation, and better encoding. The old torrent for v.1 is being deleted. Thanks! -ashi


Aoshi worked hard to bring us Trinity Blood before anyone else. It has flying ships, lost technology, vampires... and another race that feeds. Please enjoy it. -ashi

P.S.: The proper CRC for the file is 733827EA.


Two totally different releases today!

PoT 157! PoT fans rejoice, and thank Aoshi.

Elfen Lied extra ep (14?) partial parody sub! OP/ED by Loserbait, translation by ashi!


Marmalade Boy Taiwanese Drama single torrent of episodes 14-19 released today. Look for more episodes after our translator finishes finals! -ashi


14:08 <Aoshiblue> hey ashi, can you please update the webpage so it can say we just released PoT 154 to 156 please?

15:26 <ashi_serv> ok


Prince of Tennis 152 and 153 released... WE ARE TRULY SORRY we labeled them wrong... well I did... sorry. So please rename the ep 153 from the torrent to 152 and 154 to 153. .... Hopefully this week more PoT releases. Please read the read me file.



Gantz 14-26 in a single torrent. Individual episode torrents for Gantz will go away in a few days. Thanks.



Thanks to our new Mandarin translator, YueFungY2k, we just released Marmalade Boy Drama eps 16 and 17. We hope to keep up the pace on this fine series now.



Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss GANTZ 26 released, go to BT SECTION

Guess who's back? Back on town? Me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, people, Im finally back from vacation... and tonight will be the night...
Ill start the releases... plus I want you to welcome our new translator to the team: Skiptomylou
He is going to be working with me to bring you new series... 'cause as many of you noticed: GANTZ IS OVER.


Bah Humbug...
Santa is not coming to town for all you naughty little boys and girls. But the W-Dreamers crew has decided on an early Christmas Present. Episode 25 of Gantz is released.
Happy Leeching
(and yes holy shit I did something for this release)


Bad news for you all... I'm going on vacation.... I'll be back at the beginning of January... Still probably you will have a surprise before the end of the year. GRETINGS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


GANTZ 24 released. Go to BT section or to channel. Please forgive the bad raw we got... Hopefully will improve for the last 2 episodes.


GANTZ 23 released. Go to BT section or to channel.

Thanks to Barclay Smith for his donation. We do appreciate it. THANK YOU.


GANTZ 22 released. Go to BT section or to channel. And please... it takes time to do the work... so BE PATIENT.

I decided to add a DONATION BUTTON to the webpage... I hope you can help us grow... first that all it will be in order to buy the manga, the dvd's and shipping for them.
HELP us grow!!

Thanks to Erik Hanchett for his quick and nice donation. We do appreciate it. THANK YOU.

We are coming to the end of the year, and we (AT LAST) are releasing our manga... W-JULIET from V7 to V14... Although today just V7 Ch1 and Ch2 are being released...

Hopefully you will enjoy this treat ... Now the strategy goes as follows-> You can find the torrent on the BT section for V7 Ch1a, Ch1b, Ch2a, Ch2b ... but we are going to post it as well as an http download for those manga otakus that doesn't like BT. As well you will find it on the bots on the channel mmm the trigger is: /msg [W-D]GantZBot xdcc list

POT DVD rips 144 to 150.

......................... IMPORTANT ............................


The CODEC changed as well... For encoding we used DivX instead of our beloved XVID... It made the encoding faster, and the quality is quite good (at least Aoshiblue thinks that way)... Anyway, comments and suggestions are welcome...

GANTZ 21 released. Go to BT section or to channel. You will CRY!

GANTZ 20 released. Go to BT section, and bare with me, since I'm the only seed available and I'M SLOW... Still... ENJOY IT and pls help us seed... hopefully later on the file will be on the bots.

Yes I know, stupid BT is slow, but I couldn't find my head distro DRINKWHEEL... nor the distro staff... so then... DON'T COMPLAIN...

~~ Aoshiblue off ~~

POT DVD rips 140 to 143. Check BT or go to channel. Read the DISCLAIMER.

POT DVD rips 136 to 139. Enjoy the treat... Now... remember to read the DISCLAIMER.

Thank you all for your support, I hope that when we finish gantz you still SUPPORT US... And yes, soon the next releases of POT and GANTZ... for the manga readers we prolly will have W-Juliet, we have the translations, but editors lack on these days hehehe... Be patient with us... as well Marmalade Boy 15 will be out soon.

GANTZ 19 released. Go to BT or channel.

POT DVD rips 129 to 135 are finally released. Read the FOLLOWING FIRST:

1. The translation is ripped DIRECTLY from the DVD soooooooooooooo PLEASE don't go to the channel and start crying about the fact that the translation suck (it is pretty good for being a hong kong dvd). I actually wanted to translate it... but with GANTZ I don't have much time.
2. We release the rips because we know that there are tons of ppl (like some member of W-Dreamers and myself included) that are EAGER to see what happens next with the fabulous characters from the Prince of Tennis. Thefore this release is just for you to watch and trash.
3. We recommend you to wait for Anime-Otakus fansub for you to burn the episodes... 'Cause as I said in point #2 this is for you to WATCH and TRASH ok???????????
4. Don't go to the channel and start saying the rips are bad or very low quality or so... because WE ALREADY KNOW... is just WATCH and TRASH stuff ok?
5. Wait for the next rips coming next week... go to the webpage or to our channel. The release will be just via BT.
6. We want you to be happy and that's our final goal... so ENJOY the rips...
7. As an extra note: Youth Garden is the name of Seigaku (translated)... so don't come and ask what Youth Garden is, since it is SEIGAKU.

AOSHIBLUE buffering out...

GANTZ 18 will released today at 8 pm. Check BT or go to channel.

GANTZ 17 released. Go to BT or channel.

GANTZ 16 released.Go to BT or channel.

OMG!!! I'm back, I really missed my home, my bed, sniff, but specially MY ANIME AND MANGA.... Well I've been away for a while due business... However I'm back... I'm translating... hopefully u will have your episodes soon and a few more surprises.... Something else you might end up having: POT... prolly this weekend... the bad thing is that I go every weekend to my parents' house; therefore it is difficult to work there... but I'll try my best.

BTW, we are working on W-Juliet... It has been delayed, but PROMISE!!! THIS upcoming week will be out for all of you... oh yes, and MB Drama 15 is gonna be out soon enough... prolly this next week as well... So we are gonna be busy quite busy... new ppl coming new ppl going... but still trying to work the best for you. Thank you for your comments, it makes us feel really well about the work we are doing, even though we know it is not the best, we try our best... See ya soon guys, be patient this upcoming week will be the week.
oh YES!!! Forgot to tell, new wallpapers were uploaded... if you think or feel that a wallpapers must be there and you have it, email me!

Some bad news I might say... I have to leave for a trip out the country for 3 weeks, in which I won't be able to work on the translations... But I PROMISE that as soon as I get back I'll sit myself and translate like crazy... and catch up. Prolly my ex-bf will help with the translations... Still not sure, but if he does, we will catch up in no time...

Wish me luck and I'll see ya soon... Take care and please visit the channel and talk to Ashi, he is damn great.

Gantz 15 Released!!!!! Check it out... Go to the BT SECTION or... on MIRC. Enjoy!

Today... webpage up again, unfortunately not complete, due problems with the files that are on the server of my stupid ISP... MARMALADE BOY TV DRAMA 14 released... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT... In case you want eps 1-13 go to the BT section. Thank you.

GANTZ Second Stage is gonna be released by us... YES PEOPLE, GANTZ 2ND STAGE! Enjoy.

Problems with ISP due hurricane in Florida... sniff... Sorry for that

Some problems detected in different browsers when opening the site... Sniff... But don't worry I'll fix it...

Almost all the information about the staff is up... Enjoy... Now just the dl section is on hold... Next few days. If someone has extra space for the dl files please email me...

I'm such a mess... I forgot to add the link for our TV Drama, yes people remember I told you about Marmalade Boy TV Drama, well today we are gonna add it... Hopefully more staff members' information will be added as well...

Information about the projects and part of the staff is now available. Check the links... More wallpapers added...

Well, things are going quite smooth! You can go and download wallpapers already, there are very few at the moment, but more will be added shortly, suggestions gladly taken as well. Still in construction mode so please be patient.

Right now I'm in the process of gathering all the information of the crew, since we are quite new on this it is a bit hard to get all the info, but it will be added soon.

Meantime visit us on MIRC at channel is #W-Dreamers

The templates for Wallpapers and the projects are ready, the information is soon to be added.

For the curious people, yes... We are continuing the scanlation of W-Juliet, from Vol.7

I really wanted Omanga to keep doing the project, but they dropped it due licensing in the US... But guess what? I'm not from the US nor some of the staff, plus we love W-Juliet.

For some other people that is wondering what on earth is Prince of Tennis doing here, well the answer is simple: we are gonna start releasing the DVD rips of POT from episode 128 onwards. Hopefully if I get enough money to buy the DVD's of eps 1 to 127 I will rip them. Meantime bear with it...

Releases concerning Prince of Tennis will start next week, and W-Juliet will hold a bit more, due the scanning of the tanbukons...

Finally... W-Dreamers is ALIVE!!!! Yes people, we are here to make your dreams a reality. Hope you like it. Any other suggestions would be gladly accepted. Do you remember that I promised I was gonna do it, and you know what? after such a long time, I said is now or never. That was back in February. Being the slacker that i am, i just got around to it now.

This is the original set, which has much more in it than the bare-bones template does. Please forgive the fact that most of the links concerning projects and the W-Dreamers are not complete... I'm working on it... promise promise!

Please add us to your favorites!!!!

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